Important: Please read this before you submit

the completed Rental Information form




1. If you have a PDF printer installed on your computer (e.g. Adobe PDF,

BullZip PDF Writer), print and save a copy of your completed Rental

Information form as a pdf file. E-mail that file as an attachment to: Enter

the Lot number of the Rental Unit in the subject box and type New,

Change or Remove whichever is applicable


2. If you would like to install a free PDF file printer on your computer, see

below for instructions. When your pdf printer is installed, see step 1.


3. If steps 1 and 2 above do not apply, please contact the webmaster by

telephone or email.


The Rental Information form is convenient and easy to complete.

Unfortunately, you cannot save the completed form unless you can

create a pdf file. Here’s how you do it.


How to create pdf files using BullZip PDF Writer


What is a pdf file? It stands for ‘portable document format’ and pdf files

are important because they allow documents that have been created in

all kinds of software to be shared with others who may not have the

original software installed on their computers (for example, photos,

spreadsheets, text documents, etc.).


PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader, which is free to



Note: Look in your list of installed programs. It’s unlikely that you

don’t have Adobe Reader already but, if you don’t, click here to

download it:


How to install and use ‘Bullzip Writer’


  1. Click on this link to go to the download web page:

2. On the top left side of the ‘Bullzip Writer’ page, click on

‘Click Here to Start Your Download’ (it is free).



  1. Click on Setup ‘Bullzip PDF Printer’ 8_2_0_1406.ZIP








4. The next window you will see is ‘Security Window’  Click ‘Run’




5.  When the User Account Control Changes appears Click Yes


The sequence that follows is as follows:



6. The software called ‘BullZip PDF Writer’ will appear with any printer

Assigned to your computer.  Adobe Reader won’t allow you to save a PDF

With their software because they want you to buy Adobe Writer, which is very

expensive. has made their software free and it allows you to take a

PDF file and send it to BulPZip PDF Writer as a document print. It prints it as a saved file on your desktop, which can be moved to any folder on your computer and physically print it on your regular printer or attach the file on an email.  We have made a PDF Document which you can actually fill in data and forward to us in order to put Information about your rental unit on the web. It sounds difficult but in reality is quite simple to do.


7 You can now create a pdf file from any document or web page. Simply go

through your normal ‘Print’ procedure. Instead of your usual paper printer

you need to choose ‘BullZip PDF Writer’ from the list of available printers.


5. The next step is the same as saving a file: you just name your pdf file and

specify a save location.


6. You can view the pdf file by going to its location (through My Documents)

and double-clicking on the file. Adobe Reader or ‘BullZip PDF Writer’ will open and display the file.


7. Attach the pdf file to an e-mail and everyone you send it to is able to view

it properly. That’s all there is to it!



8. When your pdf printer is installed, see below Carefree Rental Form and click to download.




When you have made a contract to rent your unit, you will be required to

complete the attached document and submit it to the Carefree Office.

Download the document and comply with requirements.

CLICK HERE to download





CLICK Here and download the form ready to fill in your data,